How to Decide When to Leave a Church

I was asked a question yesterday about when it would be okay to leave a local church to find a new church home.  Obviously, it should be on a case-by-case basis and one should be intensely seeking the Lord during the process.  I made a list of nine questions to consider and answer before leaving a church.  Perhaps you might find these helpful:

  • Is there an unrepentant immorality issue with one of the leaders?
  • Do the pastors, elders, and deacons meet the requirements that are found in 1/2 Timothy and Titus?
  • Do the pastors, elders, and congregation genuinely love Jesus and people?
  • Is the Bible taught and the gospel preached every weekend?
  • Is there a missional mindset, focus, and philosophy of: “We want to (and have a plan to) reach this community/city/state for Jesus.”
  • Am I getting fed weekly, invested in, and built up in Christ?  Does this place fuel my joy in Jesus?
  • Do I find opportunities to feed and serve others and build the kingdom here?
  • What is my heart’s motivation for leaving?  Will I leave speaking poorly of this congreation, tearing it down, or will I leave praying for them?
  • Am I just complaining for an excuse to leave or can I really and honestly do something positive to help the area(s) of concern I have?

Can you think of any others?

2 replies on “How to Decide When to Leave a Church”

The interesting thing is … God will often call you out of a situation that you are totally happy and content in. And when He does we have to respond one way or another. Often these are not easy decisions because they may involve family and friends who may or may not understand.

But, a true and serious believer looking for a ministry in his community will get God’s offer to start one and it will take you out of your comfort zone where only faith in God and His leading will carry you over.

God will always give a long term promise, but seldom more than a one-day-at-a-time agenda.


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