The Irony of Our First Black President

From James Kushiner (Touchstone Magazine):

The irony about the election of our first black president, an irony which I wish did not exist, is that while blacks have risen from the indignities and injustice of slavery in which their bodies were sold and consumed as property, and have endured segregation and second-class citizen status and racial discrimination, and have now one of their own elected to the highest office in the land, this very president-elect, Barack Obama, will increase the death toll among black human beings if he fulfills his promise to enact a Freedom of Choice Act, which will serve as a firewall around Roe v. Wade, the Dred Scott decision of our times. Helping to fund abortions also will likely disproportionately increase the number of black victims consumed by this holocaust. Someone might point out that policies about abortion, too, in this post-racial age of enlightenment, should be colorblind, so anyone who cares about the skin color of its victims is a racist, and that appeals to blacks about not aborting black babies is an appeal to a presumed racism on their part.

Discrimination based on the color of one’s skin is not now the burning issue of our time, however. It’s that we’ve forgotten the value of human skin in the first place. The human skin of the baby in the womb, the human skin of the severely disabled (candidates for “selective” abortion), the human flesh and blood of the elderly, and the bodies of those near death, from whom we cut organs while they are, yes, still, alive—this human flesh is abused and sacrificed on various altars. Resting on the hard-earned laurels of enlightened colorblindness, many have forgotten, or deny, the sanctity of the very flesh about which we say we are so indifferent as to its color.

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President Obama will also be expanding the sex education programs to go beyond abstinence-only education. Teaching our youth real sex education will prevent pregnancies from even happening, thereby reducing the number of abortions.

Making abortions illegal will not stop them from occuring. Latin America, and Brazil specifically, is a perfect example of this. Every week women still come into the hospitals with injuries caused by back alley abortions.

Our nation has serious problems finding homes for orphans, there just isn’t enough people willing to take them in. If every aborted fetus had instead been born and the anti-abortionist’s claims of over 1 million abortions a year is true, then that would exacerbate the adoption issue to an extreme. Thereby increasing crime, the prison population, and homelessness.



It’s a demonic and evil thing to say that it’s better for babies to be killed rather than to be orphans.

You don’t believe me, but at least they have a heavenly Father who loves them and wants them, whereas someone like you, as disturbing as it is, would rather have them dead.

That’s sad. I’m sad for you, Sisyphus. You’ll say, “Don’t be sad for me.” Save your typing. It’s hard to help with a comment like that.




I understand your desire to demonize me is likely very strong. With the religious education you’ve gone through I would not expect more from you.

I would not rather have the babies be dead, I never said I would. Abortions are terrible, I would likely never have one myself, if I were a woman. However, I think it is the choice of the mother/father whether to have the child or not.

The truth of the matter is this: Whether you and I like it or not (I don’t like, just in case you hadn’t gotten that yet), our society is better off without those children. The majority of those children would grow up in the foster child system or out on the street, with an extra million homeless or poorly adjusted humans in our country the crime levels in the larger cities would be absolutely unbearable. The world is not just black and white there are grays too.

Why didn’t you comment about what happens in Brazil?


James, didn’t you go to a public school? You didn’t receive “religious education” (whatever that is) did you?

So, Sisyphus. Why don’t we just kill the elderly that are clogging up nursing homes and using up social security, maybe after that we should just exterminate the homeless. Where will it end Sisyphus? Will it end when you and other thinkers like you believe that the world is a perfect place, full of synergy and young prosperous people living the typical American dream?


Please, before you label me as one of the religious radical people, I was only using those terrible acts of killing elderly and homeless as an example and as a point of sarcasm. I love people, plain and simple, everyone no matter their background, race, age, culture, sin, accomplishments, etc. deserves life and life to the fullest. Thanks. take care.


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