Sigur Rós Comes to Omaha

I was in Omaha at the Orpheum Theatre last night.  The Icelandic band Sigur Rós was scheduled for an 8 o’clock show.  The weather wasn’t cooperating though.  For two hours, we were in the Orpheum’s basement, taking shelter from a series of tornado warnings.  After the last warning ended at 9:15 Central Time, we were allowed to take our seats.  The concert started around 9:30. 

It was well worth the wait.  The band put on a beautiful show.  I honestly don’t know of another band that is as musically creative as they are.  The stage was loaded with instruments: drums, piano, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mini-organ, violins, xylophones, and other ones I can’t name.  The audience sat for the entire 2 hour show.  We marveled at each song, all of which seemed to communicate something more than simple music.  It was emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually refreshing to take digest each note and lyric (even though some were in Icelandic and others just gibberish). 

Here are some images of our evening with Sigur Rós.


2 responses to “Sigur Rós Comes to Omaha”

  1. Nice call on the Sigur Ros. I was hoping they would be in Chicago or Indy, but apparently they are quite the concert in Missouri, Nebraska, Tennesseee, and New York. By the way, nice pics.


  2. It was quite the show. Probably the best live show I’ve ever seen, musical-wise. They are talented.

    By the way, Charles, thanks for the link on the blogroll.



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