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Love Non-Christians, No Matter How Different They Are

I was looking through some documents on my computer and I stumbled across one with this single quote from a non-Christian friend of mine:

Christian people will welcome you with open arms into their congregations and make you feel special.  You will experience their friendship, love, and camaraderie.  That is, if you are also like they are.  If you share the same age, the same ethnic background, the same economic background, and the political views, they will accept you into their churches and religious groups.  If you do not have the same characteristics as they do, then they will ostracize you.

I can’t say I agree with that fully, but I can’t disagree with it either.  I know that Christians aren’t just “not perfect.”  We, like every other human, are infinitely far from perfect.  So, inevitably, we make mistakes and discriminate just like everyone else.  The only difference is that we have the power of the Spirit to overcome our selfish and prejudice tendencies.

Though this can be true, I feel that in Christianity today, there is a resurgence of putting actions behind our words in order that we can help others see and experience the kingdom here on earth as well as looking forward to the eternal reign of Jesus upon his second coming.  This happens so that they can “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Ps. 34:8).  The actions behind our confession doesn’t provide justification; they simply give evidence that we are in fact justified.  Otherwise, our faith is demon faith (James 2:19).

I want to live my life so that this quote is disproved.  I want to glorify God in all I do so that everyone would see the supremacy of Christ in my life and the genuine love I have (though not perfectly) for every person, no matter what differences exist between me and the other person.

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Right on James… I share your heart and vision of seeking a place where people who do not believe can feel comfortable to dialogue and never feel ostracized. Keep on rocking in the free word.


Thanks, Lance. Are you a missionary overseas (re: “Keep on rocking in the free world”)?

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” – Gal. 3:28


If we don’t show God’s love in our actions towards others, how will people ever want what we have? More Christians need to realize just how imperfect they are. Alot of us believe that just because we go to church every Sunday, we’re “living for God”!


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