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Please Don’t Send Me to Africa!

I actually used to pray that when I was a teenager.  I didn’t want to go into ministry for the very reason of going to Africa.  Well, if you’ve read anything here lately, you know I’ll be there twice in the next seven months and I’ll be living there for a year in ’09.  Here’s a hilarious song by Scott Wesley Brown that probably communicates a lot of what middle-class Christian Americans feel in their hearts and pray with their mouths.  May we all be challenged to fulfill the Great Commission in our generation. 

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Going to Africa would be kind of scary. I have to admit that…People are always talking about going to different countries to preach and I always think..what about right here?



Have you ever read Let the Nations Be Glad by John Piper? I’m about halfway through right now and I can say it will definitively change your perspective on missions.

I feel that, here in America, the gospel is readily available to everyone — and yes, there are still people who haven’t heard the true, full gospel. However, there is a great need and we are commanded to be missionaries wherever we are. Some people are called to be Pauls and travel the world. Others are called to be Timothys and stay in a cosmopolitan city like Ephesus. Others are called to work and give money like the Macedonians and Corinthians. We are a whole body. Each person’s individual work is discerning where God would have them be.


Your reply to Rachel gave me an idea how to answer my husband’s repetitive question. Whenever a missionary ask for our assistance for his/ her missionary trips abroad, he will ask me why they need to go to other countries? Why not go to Mindanao (Philippines)?
Don’t get me wrong , my husband has a heart for mission. Even if he ask these questions, he never fails to give them assistance.
I’m praying that one day we can go and be missionaries ourselves. God bless you and your ministry.


I just attended Bethlehem Baptist this morning and John Piper said “I’m not one of the priveleged who are called to missions”. But, if you aren’t called to missions, then you are called to be a sender (someone who funds those in missions). Piper really changed my mind on missions. I haven’t felt “tugged” by God to missions, but I am so greatful for the missionaries that have come before us and are continuing God’s work. I just read Cameron Townsends story and was reading it to my kids. I cried when he died in the end thinking of how much he did to bring the Bible to people who never had it before. IT really is amazing how God used Townsend, as well as many others.

I think being apart of missions is a “privelege”. And short term missions should be on everyone hearts because God calls all of us to bring the good news to others. But full time missionary work (2 or more years) is a privelege only few are called too…but the rest of us should be praying, funding, giving to people who are called out into countries, instead of comfortably sitting there not caring.

God bless!


Greetings! I would like the youtube link for the “Africa” video to show a missionary friend of mine who does not have a laptop. Can you post the link please? Thanks and God bless


My father, William D Bradley is planning on answering his life-long calling and start traveling to Africa for the ministry to start equipping young men and women with the word of God, and the tools to distribute it among the people. We have a church set up and waiting for us, and are sending money over each month to have our home built as well, so that we can have a place to stay. We are also trying to start building a hospital for the many victims of the AIDS virus, as well as other sicknesses that God is going to redeem his people from. We are believing in strong faith that God has provided all of this for us, and that he is taking care of it all.

My Father will be turning 60 this year, yet he is filled with more youth than many young people I have met. God has great plans for him, and a bright future as well in the mission field. After over 15 years spent in Mexico following God’s path, he is up and ready to give it another go in Africa, where he is planning on being stationed permanently along with 4 of his 6 children, and our wonderful mother.

He is such a blessing, and a strong man of God, but he needs all the support he can get to see this through. I know that God is source, and nobody else. I would like to ask you to e-mail him at and send him your prayers and best wishes.. help him see this through.

I appreciate it, and I know he will too.

-Brendan S Bradley


I’ve always wanted to go to Africa (since I was 13), but I also feel called here in America. I am going on a mission trip soon here… I’m going to Dallas, Texas. Yes, there is a need everywhere for missionaries. But America is truly in need… but also, considering there are MANY who have NEVER heard of Jesus at all in India or overseas is kind-of shocking! So, please, consider this: Pray. Go. Give. Praise God. Live for Him wherever you find yourself. That’s all. “What does the Lord require of you but to love mercy, live justly and walk humbly with your God?” (that’s basically what Micah 6:8 says)

Please pray for me… I am going December 28th 2011- January 4th 2012. I’m excited! :) Thank you. If you’d like to help me financially, you can do that too! (email me @ If you want more info, please let me know! :-)

More than all of this, I think the main thing for each of us to remember that God wants our whole hearts and lives and for us to focus on Him. It’s not about us or ourselves. It’s about God and His glory. The whole song was basically a struggle between the guy and God and saying ‘I wanna do your will but I don’t wanna do that’ (that being going to Africa). I know it’s not clear about rather or not God called him to Africa or not but that’s what it was saying to me. I must say though, many times we do this. I like where in Jeremiah it talks about standing in God’s presence and then going out and then we could have turned people from the wrong way to the right thing. We have to be right with God and walking in Christ before we can go out. (That’s found in Jeremiah 23 vs. 22) I am excited to read more things up here… Thanks for sharing & God bless!


My wife and I have been serving God in Africa for the past 11 years. First in Uganda, then Zimbabwe, Mozambique, back to Zimbabwe, on to Botswana, and now back in Beira, Mozambique. I was just telling my wife tonight that when I think of how we lived in America, I could feel down….but I don’t. I’m excited to be about God’s work. I’ll be 62 in June. It’s never to late to accept the call to missions.


I responded to Gods call to. Missions at age 50. Ill be turning 70 ysrs soon and dont regret it one day . My strenth seem to increase daily. The joy of the Lord IS my strength.


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