Michigan Megachurch Goes Egalitarian

Here’s an interesting story on Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Rob Bell, Emergent Church guru, is the pastor there and it seems as if he has stepped further across the line against the sufficiency and authority of Scripture as they now allow women elders in the church.


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I wonder how reliable that website is? That is some very interesting and disturbing news. I’ve enjoyed Rob Bell’s books and he’s been pretty influential on me. This is the first criticism of him I’ve read that has actually bothered me a little bit.


The Resurgence is a *very* reliable website. It’s a part of Mark Driscoll’s ministry in Seattle. There are seminary professors and other pastors/theologians that post on there all the time. They are trustworthy. Plus, a lot of the stuff regarding Bell is from the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and of course, they interviewed Wayne Grudem. If that’s not reliable, I don’t know what is.


Yeah, this seems like a pretty polarizing topic in the whole egalitarian & complementarian realm of things. I meant to thank you for the link, I really enjoyed the article.


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