Can Christ-less Book Still Be Considered “Christian” Just Because a Pastor Writes It?

I was at Kinko’s a few days ago and I saw Joel Osteen’s book in the company of many others that were about doing more than getting by financially and becoming wealthy.  I’m think the prosperity gospel is not a real gospel, but perhaps we should no longer call Osteen’s books or sermons “Christian” because, in reality, there is no “Christ” in them at all.

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A fair enough point!

I would go one step further and start to look at some of the materials out there that are not so Christ-less but almost insultingly (if not intentionally) intersperse Christological context to materials that neither warrant nor support it. More plainly, at what poing does it just become pedantic to tack in some Scripture quotes into a project to make it “Christian”?

I would love to pretend like I am making it up, but “Christian workout videos” are on the market. “Feel the burn for Jesus!”?

Some of it – which ranges from total kitsch to otherwise hokey marketing – is just plain embarassing.

I will say that Osteen commands a certain amount of respect in my book for his “reverse tithing” – he keeps only 10%.

That being said, if Tony Robinson started preaching, would his informercial marketed lifestyle-improvement CDs and DVDs be “Christian”?

I think we both agree on that one.


I thought Rick Warren was the famed “reverse tither”? Anyway, I heard, at least at one point, Osteen only gave to the building fund to support their facility. From what I know, he is not a big giver to missions. This was during an interview with Larry King.


I saw this book in Barnes & Noble a couple months back. The slick picture on the cover turned my stomach but I picked it up and read the back of it anyways. I can safely say I’d probably never read a book of this type, however I found it amusing that his picture was so charismatic that it was the only book I picked up in the whole store that I hadn’t specifically gone there to look at.


I agree with your point here! Joel Osteen not only leaves Christ out of his books, he also leaves Christ out as being the ONLY way to heaven. On a Larry King interview he would not come right out and say that Jesus is the only way to heaven. He felt that Muslems, Buddha’s and Mormon’s will all end up in heaven. It just wasn’t “his” place to say. Jesus said it for us…
I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father but through Me! John 14:6
Joel gives a lot of “feel good” messages, but there really is no “meat” to his sermons! I would not recommend his books to anyone!


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