Three Reasons I’m a Christian

Being a “Christian” in the America today can be more culturally and tradition-oriented than actually being a way of life.  Being “Christian” means you wear a cross around your neck or go to church every now and then.  It means growing up in a “Christian” home and believing that God loves us no matter what we do.  It can even mean that you are white and middle-class and therefore must be “Christian.”  Well, according to the book that defines “Christianity,” the Bible, being a Christian means professing Christ as the only atonement for your sins and the only way to God the Father.  It means believing that Jesus is God incarnate and that he has provided redemption, reconciliation, forgiveness, and eternal life through his death and resurrection.  Being a Christian means you are born of the Holy Spirit and have a regenerated heart that is now able to be in-tune with what God desires.  Why am I a Christian?  I could come up with hundreds of reasons.  Here are three:

  • I’m a Christian because at the end of the day there is no other way of life that makes as much sense as the life that Jesus offers.  Christianity is based on grace alone, through faith — and it is the only religion that bases its way of salvation on this principle.  Other religions have some truth in them, yes, but when life ends, there is still a sin problem.  What can permanently take that away?  Only Jesus can.  Only Jesus has.  No amount of good works can get rid of or cover up our sin.  When you wrong somebody you love, does buying flowers take away the wrong?  It may alleviate the hurt and guilt for a while, but ultimately there is still a scar on the loved one’s heart.  It’s not taken away just because something good has been done.  Our sin offends God deeply and Jesus shed his blood to take away that sin.  God came down as a man and died for us.  No other “divine figure” in any religion ever did that.  My Jesus did.  He gave his life for me, that if I believe in him I may have eternal life. 
  • I’m a Christian because Jesus has said and done things that no one else ever has or has attempted to do.  Jesus Christ is infinitely different than Buddha, Muhammad, Confucius, Zoroaster, or any number of other religious figures.  Jesus was a man who was professed to be the Son of God even by secular writers in the first century!  Jesus raised the dead, healed people, preached with authority never seen before, and even predicted his own death and resurrection — which by historical records and archeology has been proven.  If what Jesus did was not real, then why did the disciples risk their lives to spread the gospel?  This is different than Islam.  They were not committing suicide or taking lives.  The gospel is not spread by the sword.  It is spread by love and truth.  Today, Christian missionaries are openly going to hard places to give up their lives to tell people about the love of Christ because he is real and he still lives.  Jesus did not leave us the option to call him a “good teacher.”  If he was a good teacher, then what he said is true.  If it wasn’t true then he was either a liar or a madman.  “Good teachers” don’t lie to people, try to fool them, and say they are God when they are not.  And certainly, for the past 2,000+ years, no one would give up their life to tell others about Christ if he was a madman.  Jesus either is your God or he is not your God. 
  • I’m a Christian because the Bible has stood the scrutiny and test of time in every generation since it was written.  Scholars have tried to disprove it.  Atheists have tried to ridicule it.  Liberals have tried to twist it.  Through it all, the Bible is still the #1 selling book of all time, it is still the only book that has thoroughly changed people’s lives from the inside out, and given hope for eternity.  The Bible is the basis for our moral code here in America.  The Bible has been the most loved and hated piece of literature in all of history.  The Bible is the very words of God.  The evidence is overwhelming for how reliable the Bible is (time nor space does not allow me to go into detail).  When the Bible was written, we read countless accounts of people trying to stop the spread of what was being written about.  It wasn’t stopped then and it hasn’t stopped since. 

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I’m a Christian because at the end of the day there is no other way of life that makes as much sense as the life that Jesus offers.

This is a form of the argument from ignorance. You can’t imagine another form that makes more sense to you, therefore there isn’t one. Have you done an in-depth study of every possible religion on Earth?

I’m a Christian because Jesus has said and done things that no one else ever has or has attempted to do.

Actually, basically everything that the alleged Jesus has claimed to have done was pretty much the status quo for anyone claiming to be a God. Many Gods were claimed to be born of virgins (as were most Gods – you couldn’t really be considered a “God” if you weren’t born of a virgin). The “virgin birth” idea actually originated as a Pagan belief – transmogrified into the Christian religion. And miracles… just another word for supernatural powers. All Gods have those.

I’m a Christian because the Bible has stood the scrutiny and test of time in every generation since it was written.

I take it you haven’t read “The Age Of Reason” by Thomas Paine… one of our Founding Fathers. He goes into detail, not only of his own reasons for totally discarding the Bible, but also uses the Bible against itself as being totally unbelievable because of countless contradictions… all of which he goes into great detail about. I would highly recommend that book for anyone who claims the Bible “cannot be disproved.” Thomas Jefferson also referred to the Bible as a “dung hill.”

Most people base their beliefs on bad logic.


I’m not trying to stir, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of the above comment starting out with a charge of an “argument from ignorance”–and then ending with its own argument from ignorance (“Most people base their beliefs on bad logic”)! Quite amusing.


I am a Christian for over 35 years. I found this blog quite by accident. But we
know God makes no mistakes and this was no accident. I will praying that people who are not Christians who need answers to their religious questions,
who would not ordinarily would not go into a church group will find their answers here. I also pray they will go into a church group, of real believers and worship. I pray they find the truth of God’s word, in spirit and truth to the saving of their souls.
I know Campus Crusade is a sound doctrine and a bible believing ministry. I was surprised and pleased to see your blog reaching the lost and those who know Jesus as their personal Savior. God Bless your faithfulness !

Ms. Lottie


I appreciate your kind words. God has definitely been gracious in Campus Crusade’s ministry as well as mine on a personal level.

Thanks for the encouragement and I certainly share your heart for non-believers to encounter Jesus!


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