Unless You Become Like Children…You’ll be Bored

I was baby sitting the kids of some good friends of mine tonight.  They have four kids and when I was putting them to bed, two of them in particular started a conversation with me.  Daniel is six years old.  Allison is three.   They both wanted to tell me about certain dreams they’ve had.  This conversation happened about 20 minutes ago.  It went like this, word-for-word.

Daniel: “Sometimes when I dream, it sounds like a big train.”
Me: “Wow.”
Allison: “Me too. And I have dogs and pigs.
Me: “Really?”
Allison: “It’s very big, too.”
Me: “The pigs or the train?”
Allison: “Uh, both of them.”

I’m sure those have some sort of theological insight.  It probably has to do with eschatology.


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