Weekly Spurgeon

Spurgeon on testing your faith:

Some have maintained an admirable character to all appearance all their lives, and yet have failed of the grace of God because of some secret sin. They persuaded even themselves that they were believers, and yet they were not truly so; they had no inward holiness, they allowed one sin to get the mastery, they indulged in an unsanctified passion, and so, though they were laid in the grave like sheep, they died with a false hope, and missed eternal life. This is a most dreadful state to be in, and perhaps some of us are in it. Let the prayer be breathed, ‘Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.’ Are ye earnest in secret prayer? Do ye love the reading of the Bible? Have ye the fear of God before your eyes? Do you really commune with God? Do you truly love Christ? Ask yourselves these questions often, for though we preach the free Gospel of Jesus Christ, I hope as plainly as any, we feel it to be just as needful to set you on self-examination and to excite in you a holy anxiety. It ought to be often a question with you ‘Have I the grace of God, or do I fall short of it? Am I a piece of rock crystal which is very like the diamond, but yet is not diamond?’


2 responses to “Weekly Spurgeon”

  1. Spurgeon seems to be leaning toward a works-based salvation in this piece. So, one should question him/herself about what they do or have done in order to be sure they are saved?? I’m a fan of Spurgeon, but this seems to overly focus on what we’ve done and not what we believe Christ has done on our behalf. Our salvation must boil down to faith first. Our works demonstrate our faith, but are not the basis of it.


  2. I took it rather, as have others, that Spurgeon is saying, “Test yourself. If your works do not follow from faith, do you even have faith in first place?”

    It’s an examination of the heart, not salvation by works.


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