In America, We Need You Now

At the beginning of September, I went to the LifeLight music festival in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. On Saturday night, the band Leeland was playing and during their set, the sang the song “Agnus Dei.” Toward the end of the song, Leeland Mooring, the lead singer, started singing these lyrics to the same tune:

Lord, we need you.
Lord, we need you.
Lord, in America, we need you right now.
Lord, we need you.

Right now, right now.
In America, we need you know.
Lord we need you now.
Lord, we need you now.
Right now, right now.

In America, we need you now.
Our schools need you now.
Our teachers need you now.
Our families need you now.
Our children need you now.

In America, we need you now.

As I listened and began to sing along, I started to get goosebumps. My heart was resonated with the extemporaneous lyrics. My soul was crying out to God for my country as I was thinking about how opposed we are, as a whole, to Jesus Christ. Truly, truly, America needs Jesus now. There are no revivals going on in America. We are dead spiritually. Don’t get me wrong–this is a great country. We are free. We have liberty. We can go to church and pray in our homes. Still, there are so many things that go on in this country that make me cringe, cry, and sing, “In America, Lord we need you right now.”

  • We kill over one million babies per year.
  • We allow gay marriages or unions in seven states.
  • We teach middle school students how to have sex and to use condoms.
  • We deny health care to the poor, helpless, and homeless.
  • We have school teachers who buy and sell and use methamphetamines.
  • We do not allow prayer in public schools and then wonder why our students have problems.
  • We have a 51% divorce rate.
  • We have outlawed “One nation under God” during the pledge of allegiance in some schools.

Do I need to go on? There are so many things that come to mind when I think of what’s wrong with America. Thinking about the direction of this country makes me extremely sad. Looking at a list this small, I hope, would make us all ask the Lord for mercy and grace. He is being very patient with us. We are on a thin thread of grace from the hand of the Most High. Pray for our country. In America, have we never needed more of Jesus. In America, have we never been more deviant, selfish, proud, and wicked.

So many American Christians think we need to “go overseas” and share the gospel with the world. That is so glorious, beautiful, and important. Yet, we ignore the problems in our homes, our schools, our businesses, our own churches. We ignore those facts from above and continue to invest in foreign lands. We should do that–because God commands it and it is a worthy thing. But, we also need to pray for and help change America.

O, Jesus, we need you now. In America, we need you now.

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I read your essay “What Do I Mean When I Say I Am Socially Liberal”

Mr. Pruch, I thought it well thought out and eloquently written. I rather enjoy your writing style, probably because it resembles my own. I tend to leave off exact refrence points, I guess were just teaching to different levels of sophistication. I assume that you know them.
At any rate you are on the right trail with this particular train of thought. However, I feel that you miss the mark, likely due to ingrained teaching from your youth. You state that though a Christian should be respectful of lifes many diverse cultures, etc. that did not equate to tolerance.
Wheras, the only conclucion drawn from rationale thought, would be a tempered coexistance of tolerance and intolerance simultaneously.
If ones polotics are a reflection of ones morality, then one must vote for legislation that would be respectful of anothers beliefs. Though you would still be beholden to relate how abominable an offese such a lifestyle choice was in the eyes of God.
It is a direct conflict, but how many of those do you suppose one might find in the Bible. Their numerous.


Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure I quite understand what you are alluding to. However, I think I might have an idea–you think I am not tolerant, even though I advocate that Christians should accept other cultures? If I am wrong, please clarify.

I think respect and tolerance are two different ideals that society does not understand. I can respect someone’s opinion of God and spiritual things, however at the same time, I do not have to tolerate that belief as Truth, because from my worldview, according to Jesus, he is the Way, Truth and Life.

I hope that makes sense. I think I spoke for myself in the article, but if you have more questions, fire away.


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